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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) On May 25, 2018, a new privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the European Union (EU).

Access Token Expiration. A Zuul Filter that does Basic Authentication.LTPA token expiration is governed by two configuration settings:.The time out setting specifies how often to refresh the security-related.

Do users have to reauthenticate every 5 minutes if the

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Whether this token can be obtained with a refresh token or a new authentication round is required is defined.The App Service Token Store is an advanced capability that was added to.How to update Owin access tokens with refresh tokens without creating new refresh.The server authorizes the request and returns a transfer ticket along with an expiration date (UTC).

When you authenticate with username and password using UserStore.authenticate, your auth token will be valid for an hour.

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We have done this in our application. if in case it is expired then we used to request the auth.Why do refresh tokens expire after 14 days. Xamarin and External Authentication. 3. Refresh token expiration dates. 0.

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If you notice that your token is about to expire, request a replacement token.

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Learn about refresh tokens and how they fit in the authentication process.

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After every 10 minutes, the JWT expires,authentication fails, and.

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When a token reaches its expiration date, you cannot use it to log on.Modern authentication uses access tokens and refresh tokens to grant.

Is it secure to use the same token as both refresh token