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Want to push a batchfile via Hyena into the runonce reg item so when the system reboots it will execute the batchfile.In making our application Vista compatible, we are moving our setup registry keys from HKCU\.\Run to HKCU\.\RunOnce so that they are launched after a reboot.

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Hi all, Im wanting to set up a batch file that alters the text in a registry key which will add the text %userprofile% but every time I try to run the batch, it uses.

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I have a program installed on various machines, which needs a manual update.

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I have put this question in the wrong forum. re-posting it here: I am trying to change the project version in a xml file using dos. when i execute the following code.I have a script to set up user accounts and windows customizations for new or reima.Here is a way to automatically elevate a batch file that requires.

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The next step was to change the PowerShell script that created the command to put it into a batch file and then setup the RunOnce key to run the batch file instead,.I decided to have another go at putting something in RunOnce (not RunOnceEx) in the registry. whether you are using at at the command line or in a batch file.A demonstration of the new Run Script Command feature in SCVMM 2012. it will execute the batch file and the agent will return the corresponding outcome.

The format is a.bat file that has lines of code to run a program only once.

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On the Scripts tab of the Startup Properties dialog, click Show Files.

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This is a guide on how to create a PDF file from HTML content.

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Click Browse in the Add a Script dialog and select the file using the file browser.

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AutoIt progress bar (steps) from RunOnceEx or batch Sign in to follow this.Once the script you want to run has been added to the GPO, click Add on the Scripts tab.By default, some applications that rely on the Explorer.exe file may not run in an application session.DOS Batch - File Search List: Quickly find a file on your hard drive.Option 3 is ideally for calling a PowerShell script from within a bat file. 13 Response to Running PowerShell Scripts From An UNC Path (Share).

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I have all of the updated files stored on a share on a server.Over the several generations of DOS, commands were added for.Add a Custom Script to Windows Setup Exit focus mode Contents.

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If using a Policy Delivery Method but the user is not a local administrator to their workstation, the batch file also runs as Local System.

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